Tips to Help Keep Ticks Off Your Property

Ticks are a major concern during the summer when they tend to hide and jump on their victim more often. You cannot feel a tick bite or attach itself to the skin, but it is nonetheless there, potentially infecting you with a blood borne illness. If you want to enjoy the summer without the worry of ticks, there are a few important tips to keep in mind, including those outlined below.

Use Repellents

Ticks are one of the many pests that threaten your property. Mosquitoes are another one of the most annoying that Mobile residents deal with during the summer. Protect yourself from the pests by wearing a DEET repellent before going outside. They’re inexpensive, sold at pest control and home improvement stores throughout the area and line, of course.

Proper Landscaping

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Keep the grass cut to 1/3″ height and weed often. This adds curb appeal to the property so your home always looks immaculate but it also protects the property. Ticks hide in tall grass and weeds. When those are unavailable, the risk of a tick jumping onto your skin or onto a pet is minimized and you have fewer worries.

Protect Yourself

Wear a hat and long sleeve shirts and pants any time you are outside, especially if going on a hike or otherwise visiting a wooded area. It is true that ticks are found more often in these areas, so added protection is necessary to stay safe.

Professional Tick Control

The best strategy to keep a tick-free home is with the help of professionals and the treatments and prevention strategies they offer. Arrange for tick control mobile experts to come and create a barrier that keeps ticks away from your property. For a small price, you can protect animals, pets, and family and enjoy the summer days a little bit more.