The Post-Construction Cleanup Process

Planning a brand new construction project or just thinking about that big remodeling job you’d like to do on your home? There are all kinds of possibilities you can come up with to build the home or addition of your dreams, and you are only going to be limited by the budget you can afford for the project and of course, your imagination.

You call up your construction company, you let them know what you have in mind, they show up for a meeting, you agree on the price estimate and the work timeline, and you wait. When your job is done, the excitement sets in-you can finally enjoy your new remodel! Before you get too excited, there is still one thing left to do before you can rest. The final step is cleaning up once the job is done.

Post-Construction Cleanup Detail

The cleanup may seem like quite the daunting task when the construction job is finished, and there are some universal steps that will have to be seen to after any remodel job comes to a close.

The floors should be thoroughly swept, mopped, and cleaned. Any exposed surfaces should be disinfected and wiped down. Any windows should be wiped down and cleaned as thoroughly as possible, and things like ducts, vents, and any grates should be dusted out.

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Another glaring thing that will need to be done is removal of debris and other junk when the construction is complete. While your contracting company will usually deal with this step by themselves, it is not uncommon to find some straggling stuff left behind.

This isn’t a job you’re likely going to want to mess with by yourself, since you’ll be raring to begin enjoying your new addition as soon as possible. Instead, get in touch with construction clean up glen burnie professionals to help you get the area spic-and-span after a big remodel job.